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Procrustean Shred

A brief piece for solo violin, Procrustean Shred balances flowing, lyrical moments with edgy, aggressive dissonant passages. The piece began, (conceptually at least,) as a series of variations on the BACH-motif. I wanted to explore some of the violin’s several timbre possibilities, as well as its extended techniques. While sketching out my ideas for the piece, I found that my focus was drifting, and that trying to force my material into the ‘theme and variations’ model was doing me more harm than good. I decided compose the piece I wanted to write instead of the piece I was trying to write. Given the circumstances of the piece’s origin, I thought the title was appropriate.



This piece was premiered on November 10th, 2011 by Brandon Reisdorf for the JCFA Composer's Orchestra at Butler University, and is dedicated to Jenna Ferdon, who has been a strong supporter of my music, and gave the piece it's Central Illinois premier on November 18th, 2011 for Peoria Lunaire, Bradley University's new music ensemble.

Procrustean Shred by brianspicklemire