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the best gesture of my brain

For this project, I tried to combine my two favorite techniques from my electronic music course, which were also the two I felt most comfortable with; audio manipulation in Peak, and using Reason samplers to rapidly construct large sets of samples from those manipulations. The materials I used for construction were entirely field recordings of percussion instruments, most of them metallic in nature. Amongst those metallic instruments, was a sixxen, a very cool keyboard-esque instrument called for in Xenakis' "Pleiades." I had a chance to make some field recordings of this instrument when the percussion group "Clocks in Motion" came to visit Butler, and was eager to use some of those sounds, (and their manipulations,) for this project.[1] Aside from the sixxen samples, I used samples of various drums (timpani, bongos, toms) played simultaneously, gongs, vibes, crotales, flower pots, a synthesizer and some sound effects from the JP-8080.

[1] Unfortunately, I only had time to sample one by itself, but when you get 6 of them in one room and they're being pounded away on, the overtones are an other-worldly type of beautiful.