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From One Who Stays

The Imagism school of poetry came into existence around 1910. It strove for clear, sharp, economic language. One of the school’s earliest writer’s was Amy Lowell, who did an exceptional amount of work to promote her own work, and that other many other Imagist poets. Upon reading her poem “From One Who Stays” only a few times, I felt a connection to the text. Lowell’s descriptive writing evoked in me not only poignant thoughts and emotions, but also the interaction and feelings from someone who had moved on from that situation.

The piece began in a few piano sketches late spring of 2007. The piece evolved quickly at first, but eventually I felt as if I had lost focus and hit a creative barrier. Dissatisfied as I was, I looked for ways to breathe new life into my composition by adding another “voice.” The suggestion of a cello was made to me, and it’s melancholy voice added a texture that immediately fit the mood of the piece.

The piece was premiered on November 15th, 2007 for Peoria Lunaire, Bradley University's New Music Ensemble, by Erin Rocke (Alto voice), Dan Wessler (Cello), and Mary Pentecost (Piano).