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Hidden Temple

Hidden Temple focuses on contrasts and seeks to employ the large dynamic and textural ranges of a variety of percussion instruments. I drew my pitch materials from an octatonic collection and focused on dividing it into specific sonorities, namely its partitioning all-interval tetrachords (the timpani pitches are the complementary diminished-7th chord). The piece opens solemnly with the performers playing in different tempi from each other. A dance-like section follows that travels through various meters. After a brief reflection on the opening, the piece concludes with pounding syncopation and an exploration of the fortissimo dynamic register. 

The piece was premiered by Brian Spicklemire and Emily Racette on November 12th, 2009 for Peoria Lunaire, Bradley University's new music ensemble, (Stephen Heinemann, music director.) The revised edition was premiered by Brian Spicklemire, Brendan Thompson, Will Trachsel, and Josh Williamson on October 20th, 2011 for the Jordan College of Fine Arts Composers' Orchestra, Butler University's new music ensemble (Michael Schelle, music director.) The piece is dedicated to my grandfather, Emit Spicklemire.

You can view a video of the performance here.